Center Stage Productions Auditions:


The Secret Garden

Written by: Sylvia Ashby from the novel by Frances Hodgeson Burnett
Directed by: Leslie Gebby

Auditions will be held at Southport Presbyterian Church on August 6th and 7th from 7 – 9pm. 

Southport Presbyterian Church
7525 McFarland Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46237

Auditioners will be asked to read from the script. Monologues are Not required, but will be heard if you have one prepared.

If you have any Questions, feel free to contact

Performance dates: October 13, 14, 20, & 21 at 7 PM


It is 1911 and young Mary Lennox has always known luxery with wealthy parents in India. Suddenly she is orphaned and sent to live on the Estate of her uncle Archibald Craven. There life is very different for the Spoiled child. She meets Martha, Dickon, and her cousin Colin and learns to be a warmer, more loving person. Her discovery of a secret garden on the estate turns into a magical adventure.


Andrew Craven:  Master of Misselthwaite, slightly hunched in one shoulder, he is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife, and too self-absorbed to focus on his son or Mary.  Craven is constantly traveling to escape his memories.

Mary:  Craven's niece, perhaps twelve.  She is sullen, spoiled, imperious, the result of a neglected rearing in India.  By restoring the garden, she herself is redeemed.

Colin:  Craven's sickly young son.  Spoiled and imperious like Mary, he is fearful, given to hysterics, a lonely child in need of love and friendship.  Role can be played Mary's age or younger.

Mrs. Medlock:  Middle-aged, Head Housekeeper of Misselthwaite Manor.  Cold and calculating, she has assumed considerable authority due to the indifference of her employer.  Medlock wants everything under her control, and resents Mary and Mary's success with Colin.

Martha Appleby:  Likable, youthful servant from a nearby cottage.  She is fearful of losing her position and the income her family needs.  Role can be played as a teen or older.

Dickon:  Martha's brother.  Somewhat older than Mary and Colin, Dickon is intuitive and warm, close to nature in all forms.  He has an almost mysterious skill with plants and animals.

Mrs. Appleby: Mother to Dickon and Martha.  She is generous, warm-hearted and maternal, in contrast to Mrs. Medlock.  Combining Earth-Mother and Fairy Godmother qualities, she aids in the 'rehabilitation' of the two orphans.

Ben Weatherstaff:  Sour, cantankerous old gardener.  His gruff demeanor hides a caring nature.  Helping the youngsters nurture the garden of his treasured mistress mellows him.

Dr. Spencer:  Colin's pompous, stuffy physician.  Though ineffectual, he is not of ill-will, despite appearances.

Nurse Grey:  Colin's harried nurse.  Blunt, matter-of-fact, perceptive, she has a better grasp of Colin's problems than Dr. Spencer. 

Produced by arrangement with Samuel French.

Center Stage Productions is a community-building ministry of Southport Presbyterian Church.